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Floor tiles
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Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Designs[ 09-01 11:35 ]
     Porcelain and ceramic are ever-popular tile materials that not only look beautiful, but are resistant to water and easy to maintain. With an abundance of colors, shapes, and sizes available, porcelain and ceramic tile will work with almost ...
Little Tips For Life:DIY Tile Cleaners[ 08-26 14:43 ]
  Step 1.Prepare a 500ml bottle of mineral water, then pour half of the water. Step 2.Take half bottle cap of flour,one cap of soap powder,two cap of vinegar,three cap of Alcohol.Mix in the m...
How to choose the mosaic tile[ 08-18 11:59 ]
Glass mosaic is made from natural minerals and glass,it's very light,alkali resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion.It dreamy color gives a person with a clean,clear enjoyment,can be widely used in the bathroom and swimming pool,but its not wear-resisting...
Yellow color is the good choice for tile[ 08-04 11:25 ]
    With bold stripes of yellow mosaic tile, this modern bathroom doesn't require any other decor. The color combination is certain to wake up any sleepy morning, and the vertical stripes help elongate the height of this room.     Except...
Perfect choice for tile color[ 07-28 15:16 ]
 a.Warm colour ceramic tiles make home environment more warmer and comfortable.For example,the red color can increase the sense of gorgeous and the brown can bring a warm,quiet and comfortable feeling.   ...
How to calculate the number of tile pieces?[ 06-24 11:21 ]
1.Measure the practical area 2.Pay attention to the unit: Total number=practical area(㎡)/Length of ceramic tile(㎡)/Width of ceramic(㎡) For example,you want to buy 25 square meters and 80*80cm size ceramic tiles,you can calculate like this, 25/0.8/0.8=39.06≈39
The distinguish method of marble have?[ 04-27 16:01 ]
Choose good grades: according to the size allowed the allowed tolerance deviation, flatness and Angle, and appearance quality, surface finish and other indicators, marble plate is divided into classy article, first-rate nonconforming product and three levels; ...
What's the difference between pottery and porcelain?[ 04-27 16:01 ]
The difference is that water absorption. Generally speaking, porcelain bibulous rate is less than 0.5%, and the bibulous rate of tao is greater than 10%.
Polishing brick why wax or coated with antifouling agent?[ 04-27 16:01 ]
Wax polishing brick can better protect brick, construction to avoid foreign object impact, friction and damage; Wax removal after brick can increase the gloss; More important is can fill brick surface pores, make dirt won't plug in the hole, easy to clean everyday.
The definition of ceramic?[ 04-27 16:01 ]
The clay raw material, desert, raw material and the ratio of flux through the appropriate raw material, crushing, molding and under the condition of high temperature roasting, after a series of physical and chemical reaction to form the hard material.
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